The GeoSensorWeb Lab is a research group at the University of Calgary, Canada that is focused on developing web-enabled geospatial information systems and building interoperability into the Internet of Things.

We have worked with other research groups, government agencies, companies, and consortiums to bring data from private silos to the public web. By combining open standards such as HTTP/REST with previously locked-in data, we can make data accessible through live visualizations available on any platform.

Our research sponsors include Microsoft Research, CAE, CANARIE, NSERC, Alberta Innovate, City of Calgary, etc. We apprecaite their generous financial supports.

Lab Members

Dr. Steve Liang

Dr. Sara Saeedi, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Haiyu Lan, Postdoctoral Fellow

James Badger, Research Associate

Tania Khalafbeigi, Ph.D. Candidate

Kan Luo, Ph.D. Student

Soroush Ojagh, Visiting Ph.D. Student

Sumaya Nsair, co-supervised M.Sc. Student